Nov 2016:


7 November 2016 at 8-9pm

      1. Do probiotics have a role within gut health?
      2. Is there a research evidence base to support probiotics within gastrointestinal health?
      3. Are there any foods rich in probiotics which you would recommend?
      4. Probiotics come in many forms, are any better than others?
      5. Do you envisage probiotics becoming a staple part of our dietary needs?

      Our special guest will be Professor Kevin Whelan from King’s College, London. Prof Whelan’s area of research interest is the interaction between the gastrointestinal microbiota, dietary composition and health and disease. Kevin performs clinical trials in probiotics, prebiotics, fibre and fermentable carbohydrates, with molecular microbiology to measure their impact on the microbiota.

      This chat was kindly supported by Symprove.

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