Dec 2016:
Alcohol Awareness


5 December 2016 at 8-9pm

        1. How aware are people about guidelines on weekly units of alcohol, or even what a unit is?
        2. Are people aware of the calories in the alcohol they consume?
        3. What role could manufacturers and retailers play in communicating calories and units more clearly?
        4. What role do dietitians & registered nutritionists have in educating people on alcohol calories & our overall health?
        5. Are there any good apps or websites which are useful to share, and what else might be helpful?

Our special guest for this was @AmandaUrsell, a nutritionist with over 25 years of experience of working in the area of nutrition. She is also the winner of the HFMA Health Writer of The Year award and twice voted the most influential health professional in the UK.

This twitter chat was kindly supported by Diageo.

Read what we discussed here: Alcohol Awareness