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June 2017:
Dietitians Week ‘Nutrition Truths vs Fads’ Chat

Please join us for this special twitter chat as part of the British Dietetic Association’s “Dietitians Week” focused on Evidence and Expertise

Nutrition Truths vs Fads – 12 June 2017 at 8-9pm

  1. How can you tell a nutrition truth from a fad?
  2. Current trends and why dietitians worry about them?
  3. Why are there many grey areas in nutrition?
  4. Does the food industry perpetuate fads? How can dietitians work with them to prevent this?
  5. Any good nutrition sites or resources you can trust for reliable information?

Read what we discussed here: Nutrition Truths vs. Fads

Feb 2017:
Nutrition Research


13 February 2017 at 8-9pm

      1. What was the last nutrition related paper to interest/impress/inspire you?
      2. What top tips would you share for critiquing a research paper?
      3. How can RDs & RNuts learn from each other and share their innovative practice?
      4. What useful research related awards, grants, websites, apps, study days can we share?
      5. Which nutrition related strategy docs, policies, briefing papers & guidelines have caught yr attention recently & why?

Read what we discussed here: Nutrition Research